side-car (sid’kar) n.
1. An extraordinary form of transportation that brings diverse people together for a multitude of reasons, the most prominent being sheer enjoyment!

Colorado can be discovered in many ways; however, none are as exhilarating and adventurous as on a classic Russian sidecar motorcycle! Our original and unique concept of tour operations delivers safe, unforgettable excursions creating memorable instances of excitement for all of our passengers.

City on the Side provides an exceptional sight-seeing journey, a different look, authentic and genuine, allowing passengers to experience Colorado from a completely unique perspective. An exhilarating, personal and private tour on a classic and glamorous Ural cT sidecar motorcycle. We are the premium sight-seeing tour experience, not available anywhere else in North America. Our passengers discover Colorado in the open-air, unconfined and free with 360° views of its breathtaking landscapes and magnificent beauty.

We offer the perfect alternative to the traditional bus or van tour because we can go where others vehicles cannot, this allows us to explore much more than just the "typical" sights. On a traditional tour, passengers are taking pictures of people. On a City on the Side tour, it is our passengers who are the ones being photographed, celebrated and admired! They immediately become the center of attention, the "movie star”!

We operate at a very relaxed pace, we do not "rush" to get to the next destination. There is plenty of time allocated to stop for a walk, take photos or just quietly appreciate the sights and sounds of the Rocky Mountains. In the end, our passengers receive a real sense of accomplishment, going beyond the "average", leaving them with an experience to talk about and remember for many years to come.

The elegant Ural sidecar motorcycle can transport 2 passengers plus the Sidecarist (your personal chauffeur), creating the ideal context of privacy and dialogue between everyone on the tour. Our fleet of 2016 Ural cT's are maintained to perfect operating conditions, meeting or exceeding all state and local regulations.

Our professional Sidecarists will be your charming tour operator and guide providing you with a personalized tour which allows you to discover, in a stylish and unconventional way, the culture, history, landscapes and people of Denver and Northern Colorado. They are qualified, experienced sidecar motorcycle operators, trained and certified in advanced sidecar motorcycle operations, accident scene management, and are expert in both city and mountain navigation alike.

They are all local area experts with a wealth of knowledge and information, providing interesting and relevant commentary for all points of interest on the tour, ensuring that nothing is missed along the way. We utilize a state of the art Bluetooth intercom system integrated into all helmets which allows all passengers and Sidecarists to communicate, ask questions and personally interact.

We make it extremely convenient to reserve your own personal tours or to give a tour as a special gift. Reservations and payments can be easily completed through our online reservation calendar or by simply giving us a call. We ensure dependable, punctual pick-up and drop-off at the customers request or predetermined location. Book your tour online or call us at 303-570-5965. Come ride with us for the experience of a lifetime!


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