Is the sidecar motorcycle safe?

Yes. Our Ural cT motorcycles are built to North American safety standards and are fully certified by US Department of Transportation. We strictly abide by the same rules and regulations as any other motorized vehicle traveling on public roads and highways.  Sidecar motorcycles have 3 wheels, so they are very safe and stable as compared to standard 2 wheel motorcycles. They are safe for adults and children (8+) alike. Ural sidecar motorcycles are not fast vehicles; they are built for pleasant cruising, not for high-speed driving. Our tour routes have been carefully planned away from major freeways and we typically will not exceed 45-50mph. Rest assured that your Sidecarists are experienced, certified sidecar motorcycle operators with unblemished driving records, you will be transported safely and responsibly.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes. There is nothing more important to us than your personal safety! Colorado law does not require Sidecarists and passengers age 18 and over to wear helmets. However, it is our strict company policy for everyone to wear DOT-approved helmets. We provide (at no additional cost) elegant helmets of all sizes which are maintained in perfect condition. They are cleaned and sanitized after every use. We also offer disposable nylon stocking helmet caps if you prefer. All helmets are equipped with Bluetooth communication systems which allow for a continuous, crystal clear conversation between our professional Sidecarist and all passengers.

What is the minimum age for passengers?

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission will not allow transporting children under the age of 8 or under the height of 57” tall. Children over the age of 8 and over and 57” tall must ride in the sidecar and wear an “H” type harness/seatbelt. Children over the age of 12 and over 57” tall can ride on the pillion passenger (behind the Sidecarist). They must be able to follow the basic directions and instruction of the Sidecarist at all times.

Are there any physical restrictions?

Sidecar models can handle approximately 600 lbs. of total weight including the Sidecarist and passengers. Maximum weight per passenger is approximately 200 lbs. or combined passenger weight of 400 lbs. For safety reasons, your Sidecarist reserves the right to seat passengers in either pillion or sidecar to more evenly distribute weight. Each sidecar is equipped with an “H-style harness” in the sidecar for passengers with disabilities or physical limitations. Please note that in order to tour with us, you must sign a liability waiver before the tour begins.

Am I allowed to drive the motorcycle?

No. Your experienced and licensed Sidecarist will be operating the sidecar motorcycle at all times. This gives you the chance to relax and take in the beauty of Colorado without the distraction of driving.

What type of clothing should I wear?

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission requires all passengers to wear DOT-approved helmets, safety glasses goggles, closed toe shoes and long pants and gloves. It’s always a good idea to bring a jacket, as mountain breezes can be chilly at times. We have plenty of storage in the sidecar trunk allowing passengers to dress up or dress down as necessary.

Do I need to purchase insurance?

All passengers on the sidecar motorcycles are covered by the by commercial vehicle and general liability insurance policies mandatory for all commercial motorized vehicles. However, we cannot insure against damage, loss, or other irregularities occurred to personal items customers decide to carry or cannot take responsibility for any accidental physical damage occurred to the passengers during the course of the tours.  passengers will be responsible for their own travel insurance if they choose.

Are the Sidecarists qualified safe drivers?

Yes. They are qualified, experienced sidecar motorcycle operators and are expert in both city and mountain navigation alike. They are all required to meet the strict qualifications and requirements of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) which governs all vehicles transporting passengers or goods. They are all local area experts with a wealth of knowledge and information, providing interesting and relevant commentary for all points of interest on the tour, ensuring that nothing is missed along the way.


How many people can ride on the sidecar?

Our Ural cT sidecar motorcycles can carry up to three people comfortably, our professional Sidecarist and two passengers (one in the sidecar “chair” and one on a separate seat “pillion” located directly behind the Sidecarist). Both are very comfortable and provide and great open-air views from a slightly different perspective.

Will my tour be cancelled if it rains?

We have a saying in Colorado, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes”. Rain and thunderstorms are usually very predictable and quickly pass. Your tour may still take place if there is only a light intermittent drizzle. In the unlikely event that there is constant rain in the area, you may cancel your tour on the same day and you will be 100% refunded or we can reschedule if your time permits. Our Sidecarists will only proceed if it is absolutely safe to ride. We want you to be absolutely comfortable during your tour; therefore, each sidecar motorcycle is fully equipped and ready for any downpour with a windscreen and all necessary personal comfort equipment (helmets with face shields and aviator style goggles, full rain gear and waterproof gloves). Our rule of thumb for the weather is:  If there is a 40% chance of precipitation or less, and it’s not actually raining, then we are going.

Do you do tours in winter?

Yes. Colorado can certainly be cold in the winter, but temperatures rarely drop below freezing. We still do tours in the winter when it is safe to do so and our passengers really enjoy it. Of course, you will have to be prepared and wear warm clothing. Dress the same as if you were going skiing and you will be just fine! Additionally, we have installed 12V adapters in each sidecar which can be used to operate heated blankets (provided) or charge phones and cameras.

Is there a commentary during the tour?

Absolutely, this is the best part. Our professional Sidecarists are knowledgeable, courteous and passionate about Denver and are full of stories, anecdotes and the history of their favorite city. All helmets are equipped with Bluetooth communication systems which allow for a continuous, crystal clear conversation between our professional Sidecarist and all passengers.

May I make suggestions for the route?

Yes. This is going to be “your” special day in the sidecar! All four of our tours have been meticulously planned to show you the best of Denver and surroundings of Northern Colorado. However, if there is a “must see” on your bucket list, you can rely on our cheerful team to accommodate your personal requests. We begin each tour with a brief overview of the planned route, we will be happy to discuss any modifications to the route before we take off. Alternatively, you can request a fully customized tour where you call all the shots. Tell us where you want to go and we will get you there in style!

Can I book tours and rides for special events?

Yes. In addition to our defined tours, we are also pleased to facilitate special events such as weddings, business functions, birthdays, graduations, proms, concerts, you name it. Our sidecars can be professionally re-branded and imaged to perfectly compliment any special occasion.

What are the tour timetables?

We have somewhat flexible timetables, especially for the 1.5 Hour: Essential Denver City Tour. For the 4 and 8 hour mountain scenic tours we prefer to start around 8:00 or 9:00 AM, however we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. After all, you are the one who is on vacation!

Will we be stopping during the tour?

Yes. Along the way, we make frequent stops at major points of interest, some are relatively quick (for explanations and photo opportunities) and others will be longer allowing you to go for a short walk or simply relax and enjoy the magnificent views. However, we do not typically visit the interiors of the attractions. Our aim is to give you a broad and deep overview of Colorado whilst experiencing the authentic local lifestyle. After the tour, you will be ready to explore further on your own, and visit the interior of your favorite landmarks with the proper wealth of information to make the most of it.


How do I make a reservation?

Reservations and payments can be easily completed through our online reservation calendar or by simply giving us a call. We do require your credit card information in order to reserve a date / time for you (Visa or MasterCard), and you will be charged 25% of the total amount of your tour should you fail to show. If inclement weather forces us to cancel the tour, then you will not be charged. Additional details such as helmet sizes, pick up and drop off locations, special requests, etc. can be communicated when making a reservation. We provide a confirmation immediately after booking, a courtesy reminder the day before the tour, and a trip receipt upon conclusion of the tour by email. Alternatively, we can be reached by email at or by calling 303-570-5965.

Can I book tours for groups?

Yes. Each Ural cT sidecar motorcycle can carry up to three people comfortably, our professional Sidecarist and two passengers (one in the sidecar “chair” and one on the pillon located directly behind the Sidecarist).  We currently have four sidecar motorcycles in out our fleet. This makes it possible to accommodate a group up to eight people (two passengers on each sidecar motorcycle).

Can I give a tour as a gift?

Absolutely! We make it extremely convenient to reserve personal tours or to give a tour as a special gift. You simply have to give us the name of the person who will take the tour during booking, we will send them a gift certificate with a redemption code via email which can be redeemed through our online reservation system. They will then have the opportunity to choose the desired tour dates and times as well as pick up location and all other specifics. A sidecar tour is the perfect “non-traditional” gift for everyone who has everything and a bit of thrill-seeker in them. You will be providing a special gift that your recipient will cherish and remember for years to come!